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Travelon® launches the LockDown Cut-Proof Bag, a GIA Award Finalist
Keep valuables locked down and safe while you are on-the-go

March 7, 2018 -- At busy tourist spots, at the beach, in an Air B&B, even in your gym locker your valuables are vulnerable to theft. Hiding a wallet or purse in your hotel room is inviting misfortune. It surprises most people to learn how many people have keys or access to cruise cabins, dorm rooms, or hospital rooms.

Theft is a crime of opportunity. The Travelon Anti-Theft LockDown bag prevents thieves from getting to your valuables. With features like a cut-proof strap, cut-proof SafeTex body material and one piece construction, you can lock the LockDown bag to any stationary object knowing that a thieve won’t be able to walk off with your bag, or get in and take off with your valuables.

Use while: traveling by car, plane, train, bike or boat; while participating in sports or at sporting events; while at the beach or pool; or while in a hotel, dorm or hospital room.

The Travelon LockDown bag comes in two sizes: medium for essentials like a phone, keys and wallet; large holds bigger like an iPad®.

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For further information: Caroline Marchionna, 847-621-7073,