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March 1, 2019, Chicago, IL - PantryChic, the smart ingredient storage solution, and Chefling, the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) – driven sous chef for the smart kitchen, have teamed up to reinvent the way we manage ingredients and prepare recipes.  The PantryChic™ System powered by Chefling will help you discover and prepare recipes, saving time with better results and less clean up.  The PantryChic™ System and Chefling app will be showcased in the Smart Home Pavilion at the International Home + Housewares Show 2019, March 2-5, 2019, at McCormick Place Exposition Center in Chicago (Booth #SH27).

PantryChic founder and President, Nicole Sollazzo Lee announces, “We are excited to have found a partner that shares our vision.  Consumers like never before are tired of the status quo and looking to expand their culinary horizons but our lifestyles limit the time we have to shop for ingredients, track our pantries and prepare meals.  There are so many synergies between PantryChic and Chefling and together we will be able to offer a fully integrated solution.”

With its sleek contemporary design and integrated smart technology, the PantryChic™ Store & Dispense System simplifies recipe preparation by automatically dispensing the perfect amount of each ingredient directly from “SmartCanisters™” into your bowl.  PantryChic takes the guesswork out of measuring and replaces traditional ingredient storage canisters, measuring utensils, and scales.  This convenient solution can be used as a standalone appliance or paired with the Chefling app to work with additional features. 

The PantryChic™ System and Chefling's pantry management capabilities work together to easily identify, track, and order ingredients.  Ingredients added to PantryChic™ SmartCanisters will also be added to a user's digital pantry in the Chefling app.  Chefling then recommends recipes to you based on items you have in your pantry and highlights which ingredients are available in PantryChic SmartCanisters™. Simply choose a recipe from the Chefling app then grab the appropriate SmartCanisters™ to measure and dispense the accurate amount of each ingredient. You can even operate other smart kitchen appliances such as pre-heating your oven through Chefling’s UltraConnect™ capabilities for a truly connected kitchen experience.

After completing a recipe, you can track how much of the ingredient you have left as well as receive a notification on the Chefling app when you are running low on supplies to reorder automatically through major online grocery stores such as Amazon Fresh, Walmart, and Peapod.  Additionally, you can also purchase PantryChic™ System products directly through the Chefling app.

“At Chefling, we are continuously looking for ways to innovate and minimize the steps and guesswork needed to prepare a dish to provide a smarter, more convenient cooking experience. That is why we are excited to partner with PantryChic to make pantry management, recipe preparation, and UltraConnect™ capabilities even better through our complementary features.” Nancy Tu, Chefling Director of Business Development 

The PantryChic™ System and Chefling App will be showcased in the Smart Home Pavilion (Booth # SH27) at the International Home + Housewares Show 2019 in the McCormick Place Exposition Center in Chicago. 

The PantryChic™ System is priced at $299.95 including an App enabled base unit, three SmartCanisters™. SmartCanisters™ come in 2 sizes:  large (holds a 5lb bag of flour) and small and come in a variety of canister packs options.  PantryChic™ is accepting orders with expected delivery in July 2019. Chefling is available on the App Store and Google Play Store and as a skill on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

About PantryChic

PantryChic, a division of Nik of Time, Inc., headquartered in Newport Beach, CA strives to reinvent the way we store ingredients, prepare recipes and organize our pantries.  PantryChic developed the first storage solution that automatically dispenses dry ingredients by weight and integrates smart technology that enables ingredient recognition and tracking to help save time and improve results.  In addition to their robust consumer product pipeline, Nik of Time, Inc. is working on design concepts that will leverage similar technology in other industries. To learn more about PantryChic, visit

About Chefling

Chefling, Inc., headquartered in Silicon Valley, provides users with the ultimate smart kitchen solution, delivering convenience through a personalized AI kitchen assistant. Chefling developed the first smart kitchen app that incorporates inventory organization, intuitive recipe suggestion, shopping list management, voice assistant integration, and UltraConnect™ smart kitchen appliance coordination into one platform to simplify the cooking experience. For more information, visit

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