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SAHARA™ Folding Dehydrator Solves a Big Problem by Folding Small
Brød & Taylor’s groundbreaking new SAHARA Dehydrator folds to 1/3 its size for storage
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Williamstown, MA. February 27, 2019. The SAHARA Folding Dehydrator solves a decades-old problem with the home food dehydrator:  where to store a huge appliance. The full-size SAHARA folds to 1/3 its original size in seconds and can be tucked away in a drawer or cabinet. Ours is the only folding dehydrator available on the market today.

The SAHARA Folding Dehydrator has been named a Finalist in Kitchen Electrics by the International Housewares Association for a 2019 Global Innovation Award (GIA).

Why dehydrate?  Dehydration is an efficient and delicious way to preserve fruits, vegetables and meats. Dried foods last a long time, are light-weight and compact and are ideal for hiking, camping, picnics, or school lunches.  Dried foods are also wonderful for traveling when refrigeration is not an option.  Dehydration is an efficient way to preserve fresh groceries or farmer’s market finds at the peak of their flavor.  Furthermore, food that is dried at home can be 100% free of additives, chemical preservatives, or artificial ingredients.

Why SAHARA?  It is the only dehydrator that folds for efficient storage.  Additionally, SAHARA’s exclusive 700W dual-heater design delivers high power for the largest loads of fresh fruit and the high temperatures needed for drying meat. The dual-heater system automatically switches to low power for more efficient operation when food is partially dry or for lower temperatures when drying raw food.  The simple-to-use dual time/temperature control allows users to program two times and two temperatures for controlled food drying.  Optimized air circulation is provided by a quiet, highly efficient radial fan that balances a mixture of fresh and recirculated air to augment food drying and energy efficiency.

SAHARA features over 11 square feet of drying area, digitally-controlled 700W dual heaters, quiet and high-efficiency circulating airflow, filtered air intake, automated dual time/temperature controls, stainless steel shelving, glass doors and internal power cord storage.

For the ultimate in food safety, SAHARA is available with high-quality 304 stainless steel or polypropylene plastic shelving and all components are BPA- and PTFE-free. A washable and re-useable air filter ensures that dirt and contaminants are not drawn into the dehydrator and the glass doors let you monitor food as it dries. Food-grade silicone drying mats are available for drying fruit leathers or small items.  The SAHARA Folding Dehydrator is environmentally-friendly and inexpensive to operate.  Designed to perform like no other, SAHARA features the versatility and durability that have become synonymous with the Brød & Taylor brand.

Click on this link for a brief demonstration of the folding operation:

Brød & Taylor develops innovative and high-quality kitchen appliances and tools designed to simplify the challenging and time-consuming process of making healthy meals from scratch. In addition to our groundbreaking SAHARA Folding Dehydrator, other product lines include the unique Folding Proofer & Slow Cooker and the Professional and Classic Austrian Knife Sharpeners. Owned by Berkshire Innovations Inc., Brød & Taylor resides in the heart of the Berkshire mountains, Massachusetts and proudly supports our thriving local food economy. For additional information, please visit