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Brød & Taylor develops innovative and high-quality kitchenware designed to simplify the challenging and time-consuming process of making healthy meals from scratch. In 2019, Brød & Taylor will introduce Sahara™, the groundbreaking Folding Dehydrator. Other product lines include the unique Folding Proofer & Slow Cooker and the Professional Austrian Knife Sharpener.

Owned by Berkshire Innovations Inc., the Brød & Taylor brand was founded on a passion for making wholesome food from scratch. Creating products that blend innovative design with simplicity, Brød & Taylor resides in the heart of the Berkshire mountains, Massachusetts — and proudly supports our thriving local food economy. 

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News Releases
Feb 27, 2019

Williamstown, MA. February 27, 2019. The SAHARA Folding Dehydrator solves a decades-old problem with the home food dehydrator: where to store a huge appliance. The full-size SAHARA folds to 1/3...

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