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New pureWash Pro Redefines Clean
Patented Technology Kills 99.9% of Bacteria in Laundry

CHICAGO, March 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- International Home and Housewares Show -- GreenTech Environmental today announced the availability of pureWash Pro, a next generation laundry purification system for the home.  

​pureWash Pro conveniently attaches to any home washing machine and infuses oxygenated water to purify your laundry by killing bacteria, viruses, and mold. pureWash Pro purifies your clothes and washing machine with every wash, protecting your family from germs that are normally transferred during the laundry cycle. Using cold water and little or no detergent reduces expenses and offers a more eco-friendly laundry solution, Try the 30 day challenge today at

Inspired by the Earth's natural purification processes, pureWash Pro uses patented technology to activate wash water with oxygen, eliminating the need for hot water and dramatically reducing the use of detergent, bleach and softeners to disinfect and soften laundry.  New design features of pureWash Pro include higher concentrations of infused oxygen in wash water for 99.9% bacteria and virus free laundry, compatibility for both front and top load washers and a new Household Cleaning Port to help families realize the power of pureWash Pro oxygen cleaning throughout their homes.

How we define 'clean' in our homes is changing.  Increasing awareness of toxic chemicals has homeowners seeking new solutions to safeguard the health of their families and home environments.  Conventional home laundry systems promote the combination of hot water and detergents to clean clothing. While laundry may look and smell fresh, due to added fragrance and chemical agents, most often, harmful bacteria, including e.Coli and others, remain embedded. Traditional solutions that kill bacteria require harsh chemicals, such as bleach, which are absorbed by clothing and linens and are passed, through wastewater, into the environment.

Hospitals, luxury hotels and commercial cleaners have been using oxygen-infused cold water laundry systems for over 20 years to save money, maintain a safe working environment and ensure that clothes and linens are free of harmful bacteria, viruses and mold.  

"Our mission is to develop safe, effective and environmentally friendly technologies for the home, inspired by processes found in nature. Oxygen is a powerful natural purifying agent and has no harmful side-effects for people, pets or the environment," said Allen Johnston, Founder and CEO of GreenTech Environmental and inventor of the home laundry purification system. "With pureWash Pro, homeowners can eliminate the bacteria, mold and mildew that are commonly found in laundry and washing machines without needing harsh chemicals or expensive laundry additives. Beyond cost savings our customers can be proactive about keeping their families safe and healthy."  

pureWash Pro Features:

  • New pureWash Pro more than doubles the amount of activated oxygen that is infused into wash water, .40-.45 Parts per Million (PPM) vs .15-.22 PPM with first generation systems, resulting in even more bacteria and germ fighting power. pureWash Pro has been independently tested and certified to remove 99.9% of bacteria in laundry and washing machines.
  • New Household Cleaning Port extends the benefits of the pureWash Pro system throughout the home.  Homeowners easily use oxygenated water from the pureWash Pro system to clean kitchen and bath surfaces, bathe pets without soap, water plants, and more.
  • pureWash Pro's patented venturi design and simplified installation allows for easy connection to both top- and front-loading washers.
  • GreenTech's trade-up program makes replacing any first-generation system easy and inexpensive.


  • Better for the Home and the Earth:  Less detergent means fewer chemicals in the home and the environment, important for anyone with chemical sensitivities or allergies. Detergent buildup in washer gaskets is eliminated, along with the mold and mildew that thrive in these environments.  Harmful laundry wastewater that results from the use of detergents, bleaches and softeners, is no longer deposited into the environment.
  • Cost Savings: Eliminating hot water and using less detergent reduces the energy necessary to clean clothes and saves homeowners money.  Through these cost savings, the pureWash Pro system can pay for itself within one year for an average household of four.

pureWash Pro will be demonstrated at the 2016 International Home and Housewares Show.  To learn more, visit us at:

BOOTH #L11145 in Lakeside

For more information about pureWash Pro, visit


GreenTech Environmental was founded by Allen Johnston in 2009 to develop technologies for the home that are inspired by the earth's natural purification properties. From this vision, Johnston and a team of engineers with more than 60 years of experience created five "pure" product lines to introduce nature's purifying power to the world: pureAir, pureHeat, pureWash, pureWater, and purePower. Each line provides a clean, chemical-free environment while reducing energy consumption and saving money.  For more information about GreenTech Environmental, please visit | "Purify Your Clothes With Every Laundry Cycle" | "Technology in Harmony with Nature"

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