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With the new trend of convenience and space-saving products, Little Luxury mini water coolers are the perfect product for this movement. With over 62 000 professionals gathering to create business opportunities annually at the Chicago International Housewares Show, this mini water cooler was snapped up by some of the biggest chains in the world.

Gary Flax, known to have developed the first true mini water cooler, derived this creation out of the need for a small affordable mini water cooler, including a bottle that can be easily filled at the tap to make safe ice-cold healthier drinking water. The Little Luxury Water Cooler secured a solid USA, European and Japanese patent.

Little Luxury’s technology is SGS tested and has won the Nestle Innovation Award, along with using innovative Vitality ™ Microtech Technology which neutralizes bacteria through advanced filter resin ion. This also help absorb heavy metals, contaminants, pesticides, chlorine and other carcinogenic matter which is found in regular tap water. 

Without delving into the statistics of sugar-filled soda, consumers are aware of the negative effects these have on our health and this is just one reason why Little Luxury sales have started skyrocketing. Water doesn’t have to be boring either – adding a twist of flavour with fresh ingredients like strawberries, cucumber or pomegranates, creating a refreshing drink is easy and tasty.

With the Classic look and feel, this product is compact, easy to-use, practical and efficient. Unlike a usual water cooler that is not as efficient or effective, it is one of the highest quality mini units on the market. Perfect for your kitchen counter-top, the bar, your bedroom and your children’s bedrooms, on your desk and office and even in the dorm – and what makes it even more convenient – kids love using this cooler to draw water, its easy and fun!  A product that not only filters and cools regular city water but is perfect for the health-conscious consumer and anyone looking for a convenient way to lead a healthier lifestyle. A recent research poll discovered that over 99% of all customers rated this water cooler with five stars and chose the phrase, ‘’I love my Little Luxury water cooler!’’ – Which best describes their feeling towards the product.

With revolutionary technology and a reputation to please, Little Luxury water coolers and filters will be at your major retailers this summer.

‘’Buy it. Use it. Love it!’’