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Vesta Precision Ups the Sous Vide Game with Smarter, More Functional, More Precise Appliances
Industry veterans debut industry-first sous vide concepts including vertical vacuum chamber sealer, bag-replacing pots, low-profile immersion circulators and more

SEATTLE – Feb. 28, 2019 – A decade ago, sous vide cooking was far from the tip of everyone’s tongue, but today, the culinary technique is a menu highlight, a cooking show de facto and is sweeping home kitchens coast-to-coast. Jumping into the slow-and-low cooking fury is Vesta Precision, a Seattle company founded by kitchen appliance veterans who aim to make sous vide even more popular with a line of approachable products for everyday cooks and chefs alike.   

Vesta’s most exciting products include the following which will be on display at the International Home and Housewares Show (March 2-5, Chicago, booth #L11854):

  • VacuPot: sous vide without the sealed bags! The VacuPot is a dream for cooking soups, stews, and delicate foods you don’t want to ‘vacu-smash’ (like salmon or stuffed grape leaves), and a welcome alternative for those who wish to skip the bags altogether. Vesta will show it’s soon-to-launch prototype at the show.   
  • Vertical Vac Elite: a first-of-its-kind vertical chamber vacuum sealer which allows users to flawlessly seal liquid-heavy foods without fighting gravity or cleaning up spills. Designed with professional chefs and high-end home kitchens in mind, the hang-andseal mechanism which can be used horizontally, vertically and can hang on a wall is a goto solution for soups, brines, marinades and more. 
  • Imersa Elite: serious home cooks and culinary professionals will love this flip-display immersion circulator, powerful enough to heat and maintain temperature for up to 30 liters of water, while compact enough to slip into a standard kitchen drawer. The Imersa Elite’s low profile also makes its well-quipped to handle pots of most depths, and its highly precise temperature operation is controlled by either a large digital touch screen  or smart phone app, where it syncs via WiFi. For the more casual sous vide cook, the lower-priced Imersa is a wand-style immersion circulator, also smart WiFi-enabled and delivers high-precision results.
  • Perfecta: this countertop sous vide water bath circulates 10 liters of water to the exact temperature desired without the need for a separate immersion circulator or pot. Dramatically more accurate than other self-contained, non-circulating models on the market, the Perfecta also includes an elegant large digital touch screen and is smart WiFi app-enabled. 

“Sous vide has long been a professional ‘trick of the trade,’ and with product innovation for the home, it’s quickly caught on with culinary and technology gadget early adopters – now we see it reaching the mainstream tipping point,” said Bob Lamson, CEO of Seattle-based Vesta Precision, who has a long-proven track record in the sous vide and kitchen appliance industry. “We think smart immersion circulators and water baths will be just as ubiquitous as microwaves before too long, due to the convenience and failproof nutritional and flavorful results sous vide delivers.”

Vesta’s leading-edge products will appeal to a wide audience, offering a range of sous vide appliances and accompanying vacuum sealers and bags for the home, as well as for professional chefs and commercials kitchens. The company’s commitment to quality ensures Vesta products provide unparalleled precision and performance, and all products come with a two-year warranty.

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About Vesta Precision

Vesta provides simple kitchen solutions, so you can do more. Vesta precision temperature appliances come to you from the heart of Seattle, USA, and are designed with unique insights gained from years of experience. Smart and innovative, our products – sous vide and beyond – are user-friendly and affordable for both family and commercial kitchens. Our complementary line of vacuum pouches and rolls offers the widest range of options available in designs, materials, patterns and sizes. With Vesta, quality, choice and convenience make all the difference. For more information, visit


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