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Kompass Products Feature Exclusive MiLiOZ Measurement System

Shelbyville, Ind. (Feb. 28, 2019) – Kompass Drinkware Products owns the exclusive rights to the MiLiOZ inside measurement system that allows the consumer to enjoy the benefits of having an attractive outside design and functional inside measuring cup. The system delivers consistency in drinks and allows everyone to customize both the drink and tumbler to his or her specific taste.

The founders of MiLiOZ originally met their senior year in high school. The initial concept for the system was developed in 2015, just days before their 10-year high school reunion. The idea struck after months of trying to figure out how to get a consistent cup of morning coffee.  They knew there had to be an easier way to measure the coffee-to-cream ratios. The goal was an inside measurement scale to be in every coffee cup so everyone could benefit. Initially they had no idea that their solution to the consistent coffee problem would solve dozens of others in the beverage space.

Three years of development and gathering feedback from businesses and consumers resulted in MiLiOZ. Although the concept was created for the consumer, businesses benefit from MiLiOZ as well. The name MiLiOZ was selected for the uniqueness and it’s the combination of milliliters and ounces, the most typical measurements used by consumers. The inventors credit the thousands of people they spoke with that kept them going.  All said nearly the same when asked for feedback, “It’s so simple, yet genius. I can’t believe it hasn’t been done before.”

Kompass has embraced the system for tumblers, bowls, coffee cups, party cups, etc.

“Our exclusive partnership with MiLiOZ allows us to produce a stylish, high quality tumbler that is also a valuable kitchen tool,” noted Stephen Short, Sales Kompass Drinkware.

Kompass features the system in a full range of 12 – 26 oz. tumblers and bowls with countless designs appealing to women, men and children of all ages. The exclusive MiLiOZ inside measurement offers more than 20 uses for children and adults ensuring consistency for all types of beverages, measuring, oatmeal, etc. including:

  • Juice, milk or any type of beverage dilution
  • Measuring hot chocolate, apple cider strengths, etc.
  • Teaching children about math and rations – make learning about measuring fun
  • Helping children cook with you – measuring ingredients
  • Children (and adults) benefit from MiLiOZ for dietary restrictions
  • Measure the correct amount of milk for cereal or oatmeal consistency
  • Cream to coffee ratios (the original concept)
  • Specialty coffees and mixes
  • Tea to cream, agave or honey ratios
  • Steeping tea with the correct amount of water to get consistent strength
  • General portion control
  • Diet programs (weight watchers, etc.)
  • Daily health drinks like apple cider vinegar mix, juice smoothies, etc.
  • Measuring liquids when cooking in the kitchen such as broth, milk, water, etc.
  • Homemade salad dressings
  • Great for camping or cooking outdoors
  • Measuring for around the house uses (some people have a cup designated for mixing bleach, cleaners, etc.
  • Perfect for cocktails or mixed drinks of any kind
  • Monitor alcohol intake

About Kompass

Kompass Drinkware, originally known as TritanUSA, is manufactured by Williams Plastics.  It has been in business for more than 70 years creating plastic injection molding and custom designed digital printing. The company is ISO certified for plastic injection molding and digital printing.  Located in Shelbyville, Indiana, all products are produced in the USA, BPA free, microwave and top rack dishwasher safe.


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