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Anaheim, CA, Feb. 26, 2019 - Elevate your daily cleaning routine with Copper Lane’s elegant tools – a collection of Tuscan Farmhouse style cleaning products. With warm accents of copper, this vintage-inspired line creates a welcoming, livable look and feel. Handles are thoughtfully-designed with a beautiful copper overlay, while soft goods have rich copper tones to round out the line. Cleaning has never been more chic!

Featuring durable bristles with a scraper-edge design for superior cleaning, Copper Lane’s Dish Brush removes tough baked-on food, grease, oils, and more!

Scrub bottles, pitchers, travel mugs, and mason jars with Copper Lane’s Bottle Brush. Cleaning is simple yet thorough with a combination bristle and sponge head, along with an easy-grip handle.

Copper Lane’s Heavy-Duty Brush makes scrubbing a breeze by efficiently removing tough dirt around your bathroom or kitchen. The ergonomic handle allows you to easily apply pressure onto surfaces and remove all debris.

Leave your wine glass sparkling and spotless with Copper Lane’s Wine Brush. The round and flexible brush tip takes the shape of your wine glass to clean every nook and cranny.

Ideal for cleaning up messes in the home, garden, and warehouse, Copper Lane’s Dust Pan and Brush Set conveniently nests together for easy storage. With a soft molded lip on the pan, the brush bristles help pick up maximum debris.

Attract, trap, and grab dust with Copper Lane’s Chenille Duster! Microfiber attachment can easily be removed to wash and reuse.

Copper Lane’s Microfiber Cloths 10pk are non-abrasive, lint-free, and streak-free. Use these highly absorbent cloths for cleaning, polishing, dusting, and drying. Cloths can be used dry or dampened.

Double-sided for multiple uses, Copper Lane’s Cleaning Sponges 4pk won’t harm your non-stick cookware and stainless-steel appliances. Use the non-abrasive lurex side for tough scrubbing jobs and microfiber side for drying, polishing, and cleaning.

For heavy-duty scrubbing jobs, Copper Lane’s Copper Scourers 8pk easily remove grease, stubborn dirt, and any tough residue! Use them for cleaning pots, pans, grills, or the oven.


Founded in 1995, Evriholder Products, LLC designs, develops and manufactures products for the Kitchen, Cleaning, Storage & Organization, and Health & Beauty categories. Headquartered in Anaheim, CA, Evriholder continues to introduce truly innovative products to nearly all retail channels including specialty, mass merchants, supermarkets, hardware stores and many more!

Evriholder will be located in booth N7119 at the 2019 International Home + Housewares Show.  Along with the Copper Lane line of products, they will display their other lines including “Bamboo Naturals line of Coconut-Fiber Cleaning Products”, “Simply Served” and “Kitchen Spaces”. 

For further information, contact Gina Moore at (714) 490-7878.  Product images available.

For further information: Gina Moore, VP of Marketing, Evriholder Products, (714) 490-7878, E-Mail: