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Jokari Teams Up With Paula Deen To Launch Landmark Innovations At International Housewares Association's Annual Trade Show

CARROLLTON, Texas, Feb. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Armed with new innovations that range from handy solution gadgets to consumables, Jokari/US, Inc. is aggressively promoting a 50-item product launch that includes Paula Deen, Pepsi and Mountain Dew-licensed collections.

Jokari's historic launch also marks the company's first steps into the consumables product territory with the introduction of Paula Deen baking mixes which will be first shown at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, March 5th-8th.   

"This is a whole different arena for Jokari and is so meaningful for the future," said Jokari Chief Executive Officer Don Saller. "This will explode for us and it will all get started at the Show!"

Celebrity cooking icon Paula Deen will help drive Jokari's product launch by appearing alongside company representatives at the IHA Show, Sunday, March 6th.

"She's very passionate about the products that she's introducing. There is a story behind each one and I'm looking forward to her bringing her personality and energy to launch them in her style," said Saller.

Jokari's new easy-to-prepare baking mixes are based on favorite menu items from Deen's own restaurants. Saller says they include "heavenly" options like peanut butter fudge, ooey-gooey brownies and Deen's own gravy and biscuit recipes.

In addition to the restaurant-style mixes, Paula Deen and Jokari are teaming up to introduce innovative holiday and everyday storage solutions that are available in toile prints that reflect personal aspects of Deen's life.

According to Saller, the holiday toile pattern includes Deen family heirlooms, while the everyday toile pattern showcases Deen's home, boathouse and her beloved dogs.

"It's not just the patterns that set the products apart. They're designed to function differently providing more convenience for consumers," said Saller.

In addition to Deen's products, Jokari is excited to launch over 40 different Pepsi and Mountain Dew-branded items, including innovations with both heritage and modern Pepsi logos. Saller says this historic product launch could drive Jokari to new levels.

All new Paula Deen, Pepsi and Mountain Dew innovations will be showcased at Jokari's IHA Show booth, #S1805, March 5-8, 2016. Preview Jokari's newest products and best-selling household solutions by visiting

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