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Jokari Announces Don Saller's Return As CEO, Prepares For Historic Product Launch
Passionate, Innovative Product Company Founder Returns to Drive New Product Launch

CARROLLTON, Texas, Jan. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Jokari/US, Inc. announced today that its board of trustees has unanimously chosen Don Saller as the company's next chief executive officer. Saller, who co-founded Jokari and positioned it as an innovative product leader over 30 years ago, had since taken on an international sales role for the company, but said that he is excited to be holding the reigns again as Jokari prepares for the biggest product launch in its history.

"We're positioning ourselves to grow in a lot of different directions," said Saller. "I'm just really excited about driving this company to its fullest potential!"

Since regaining his previous position as Jokari CEO, Saller has hit the ground running. Recently, Saller has worked to secure new product licenses with well-known international corporations that include Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Paula Deen, just to name a few.

"There is a lot of excitement ahead, but it all will be revealed this March in Chicago," said Saller.

According to Saller, Jokari is gearing up to launch over 50 new products at the International Housewares Association's 2016 International Home + Housewares Show, which takes place March 5th – 8th in Chicago, Illinois. Saller said that Jokari's new product launch is to include various products from handy housewares and kitchen gadgets to possible consumables.

Saller credited the recent skyrocketed growth in Jokari's product line to a solid partnership with Inventionland, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based product development company known for creating innovative new items for corporations worldwide.

"We've always aimed to supply our retailers with innovative products that sell," said Saller. "Now, we're in a position to do that on a tremendously larger scale. We're just getting back to constantly bringing innovation, new products and new ideas to the market."

For Saller, it may be that excitement that catapulted him back into Jokari's top executive leadership role.

"At my core, I'm just a frustrated product designer myself," said Saller. "It's just what gets me up in the morning."

About Jokari
Founded in 1974, the Jokari name has been synonymous with developing a proven line of innovative products for the home for over 40 years. From the longtime-running Fizz-Keeper to first-to-market success with the Healthy Steps line of food-portioning tools, Jokari has remained a leader in the design of innovative products for consumers around the world, with Jokari products having sold in over 20 countries. From company inception to today, the goal always has been and remains to provide practical and simple household solutions that ultimately make life easier.


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